A high-quality ebony fly reel for a collector or a passionate fly angler

Ebony Fly Reel - Small

This handcrafted, wooden fly reel is made from finely-textured ebony which gives the reel its elegant and unique appearance. The dimensions of this little treasure are 10 cm X 5 cm. The reel is equipped with a functional drag system.

Ebony as a reel material requires several years to dry and process, which makes it a rare and demanding element to use. 

Therefore, this dark wooden gem is indeed something special! It is a perfect fly fishing gift for anyone who values quality, design, elegance, and traditional manufacturing.

Although these special reels often serve as a decorative piece among collector’s treasures, it is a fully functioning and ready-to-use fishing reel for an angler who wishes to take it off the shelf and give it a whirl.

As all of our wooden fly reels, this is modeled after the traditional English fly reels that anglers used already in the 19th century. Even the manufacturing process is the same as in the 1800s, as far as using the similar Austrian screws to follow the original fly reel technique. The design is finished and polished with utmost care, giving this high-quality woodwork the elegance it deserves.

A handcrafted, high-quality fly fishing reel makes a perfect gift for a fly fisherman, and it is an essential addition to a collection of unique, historical, or vintage fly reels.

Size: 10 cm 

Price:   2 100,00

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ebony wooden fly reel
ebony wooden fly reel
ebony wooden fly reel
ebony wooden fly reel